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Dr. Bimal Chhajer MBBS, MD is a well-known personality in the world of medical science. He is a pioneer in non invasive cardiology in india.

Dr. Chhajer, born in 1961 in a jain family, grew up in a small village in west bengal and passed his matriculation with flying colours from local school. He studied in st. Lawrence high school in kolkata thereafter and in 1986 passed out his mbbs from R.G.Kar medical college, kolkata.


What is heart attack?

Heart Attack or Myocardial Infarction (medically called MI or Coronary Thrombosis) is the consequence of the complete obstruction of Artery that supply blood to a part of the heart muscles. This occurs due to a 100% blockages in any of the coronary arteries or their branches. The heart muscles are completely deprived of their blood and oxygen supply which leads to the death. The severity of the heart attack would depend on how much area of the heart muscle is actually involved. It is mild, if only 5 to 10 % area is involved and most of the patients survive. But if the dead area is more than 30 to 40 % of the heart muscles, the attack is considered severe, and if not managed properly and immediately, can even lead to death.

How to identify Heart attack ?

Heart attack (medically known as Myocardial Infarction)may occur anytime after the patient grows the blockage above 50% level . the membrane can rupture at 50-70% level if it weak. Such patient will not know that he had any blockage before the heart attack as less than 70% blockage does not give any symptoms but these blockage can be easily detected by a NON-INVASIVE TEST called CT CORONARY ANGIOGRAPHY in two minutes. This test is now widely available in INDIA and is becoming popular.


Chest pain
Heart Burn
Shoulder/ Arm/ Jaw/ Neck pain
Shortness of breath

Risk Factor

Hyper Tension


Lipid Profile
CT Coronary Angiography
2 D Echo


Lifestyle Modification
Medical Management
EECP (Natural Bypass)

CT Coronary Angiography

A computerized tomography CT Coronary Angiogram is an imaging test that looks at the arteries that supply blood to your heart. It might be done to diagnose the cause of chest pain or other symptoms.

A CT Coronary Angiogram uses a powerful X-ray machine to produce images of your heart and its blood vessels. The procedure is noninvasive and doesn’t require recovery time. CT Coronary Angiograms are used to diagnose a variety of heart conditions.

A Coronary CT Angiogram is different from a standard Coronary Angiogram. In the traditional procedure (Non-CT Angiogram), a flexible tube (Catheter) is threaded through your groin or arm to your heart or coronary arteries. If you have known coronary artery disease, your doctor might recommend the traditional approach because you can also receive treatment during the procedure.

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